Spirit Charms

Get in touch with your spiritual side.

Let the elemental properties of these natural semi-precious stones make a positive impact on your life.

Spirit Charms

Spirit Charms for Women

Charms are always appreciated by the jewelry lovers as it not only makes them look beautiful but it has the mystical powers attached with it. The spirit charms include beautiful designs of earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and anklets. There are birth stones in the designs of the sterling silver jewelry which is appreciated looks great when worn. You can wear these elegant designs for office, college, and special occasions or for daily purposes. We have a wide collection of such stylish jewelry having spiritual connections. These designs are made in high quality sterling silver and it includes amazing designs. At fourseven we have beautiful designs of Ganesh pendant, jaali charms and the birth stone studded jewelry for all the zodiac signs. There are rubies studded on sleek pendants, artistically crafted Amethyst pendants and crystals which are so clear and of high quality.

Jewelry lovers know and understand the value of charms and they appreciate the beauty of the sparkling pieces of elegance that we offer in our wide range. The classy collection we have is always loved by those who are looking for personalized jewelry gift items. The Spirit Charms are highly in demand as it gives a tasteful impression on the personality of the person who wears it. This is a style statement with a meaningful purpose. The jewelry with charm is loved by men and women of all age as it reflects the inner thoughts and personality of the wearer,

At Fourseven we make sure that our customers get the quality products and for that we ensure purity of silver as well as flawless features of the designs. Our collection is unique and the gorgeous pieces of attractive jewelry we offer always makes the customers happy because they are impressed with the magnificent designs that we offer to them.