Sports Charms

Fitness Fanatic?

Show your love for sports, health and fitness with these classic charms.

Sports Charms

Sports Charms

Being active in sports is a great way to remain fit and healthy and also build a sense of self-confidence. fourseven offers a nice collection of smart pendants themed around the different types of sports that are popular among the masses. These adorable sport charms are a great way to remain inspired about actively practicing your favorite and enjoying a fulfilling and satisfactory lifestyle. You can even choose to gift a specific charm to a friend or an acquaintance, who, might have excelled in that particular game.

Sports We Have Covered

Given the countless number sports that are played by people across the globe, it is almost impossible to get a charm pendant made for each one of them. However, fourseven have managed to catalogue some of the most popular sports charm pendants online. The various sports and activities that we have covered are listed below.

  • Cricket – In the form of Cricket Bat Charm
  • Badminton – In the form of Shuttle Cock Charm
  • Tennis – In the form of Tennis Racquet Charms
  • Football – In the form of Football Charm
  • Athletics – In the form of shoe shaped Gotta Run Charm
  • Ice Skating – In the form of Ice Skate Charm
  • Yoga – In the form of various charms depicting different yoga positions

Get The fourseven Advantage

fourseven believe that sports is a way of life and that is why we offer the best quality sports charms that enable you to revel in the fun of your favorite game. Wear your favorite sports charms to express your love and respect for a game or simply to make it a part of your everyday style. Irrespective of the reason you choose our sport charm, you are sure to feel inspired and proud about it and the game it represents.