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Men's Earrings

  • Rs. 600

    Svasti Stud

  • Rs. 600

    Om Stud

  • Rs. 600

    Dhyan Stud

  • Rs. 600

    Shakti Trishul Stud

  • Rs. 600

    Anchors Away Ear Stud

  • Rs. 500

    Tilaka Ear Stud

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  • Rs. 600

    Skull Stud

  • Rs. 600

    Holy Cross Stud

  • Rs. 600

    Spectrum Stud - B

  • Rs. 600

    Spectrum Stud - G

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  • Rs. 600

    Silver Stallion Stud

  • Rs. 500

    Cannabis Leaf Stud

  • Rs. 500

    Lion Stud

  • Rs. 1,200

    Inner Devil Stud Earrings

  • Rs. 1,000

    Cannabis Leaf Stud Earrings

  • Rs. 1,000

    Lion Stud Earrings

  • Rs. 1,000

    Tilaka Stud Earrings

  • Rs. 500

    Fleur De Lis Stud

  • Rs. 1,000

    Double Dagger Hoop Earrings

  • Rs. 600

    Screw Stud

  • Rs. 1,100

    Hexagonal Hoop Earrings

  • Rs. 600

    Hex Nut Stud

  • Rs. 1,650

    Damru Ear Studs

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 500

    Simplicity Silver Ball Stud Earrings

Mark an Impression with Enthralling Chunk of Cool Earrings for Men - FOURSEVEN

Gone are the days when earrings were looked upon as womanish things. Nowadays men like to garnish their looks with stylish earrings. Men wearing earrings is quite a common sight these days. Undoubtedly, it has become a fashion statement for men and is very much in vogue. Not only for fashion, men are also sporting earrings to showcase their spiritual side. Whether it is for fashion or for spirituality, men piercing ears is now not a taboo.

Just like women, there are different designs of earrings for men as well made with gold, silver, or any other metal. At Fourseven, you will find different genres of classy earrings for men made in pure 925 sterling silver. We have a collection of silver studs for men along with statement earrings. Stud earrings are the most popular type of earrings among men. These come in discrete shapes and sizes ranging from simple to elaborative designs. There is unique range of silver earrings for men based on popular Indian symbols. Our earrings are pure 92.5 Sterling Silver and are 100% lead and nickel free - so you don’t have you worry about allergic reactions even if you have sensitive skin.

Silver earrings can be a perfect choice as a gift by women for husband, boyfriend, brother, or father if they are fond of wearing ear studs.

Explore Unique and Best Earring Designs for Men

Have a look for mens earring ideas in every style.

Spiritual Earrings

For spiritual guys we have Tilaka Ear Stud whose design is inspired from the Tilak mark. It is believed that Tilak mark is a mark of God. You can show your devotion and sanctity by wearing this ear stud for men. Other devotional gents’ studs are the Dhyan Stud symbolizing contemplation and reflection and the Om Stud based on the Om symbol. The sacred Om symbol is a representation of admiration of life. There is Swasti Stud as well designed on the holy Hindu Swastik symbol. It can be worn on any occasion whether religious or festive.

For those guys who are attached to India and its mythology, we have Trishul earrings like the Shakti Trishul Stud. Shakti Trishul is a symbol of three shaktis(powers) namely will, action, and wisdom. There is Damru Ear Stud for boys. It is believed that Damru generates spiritual energy when played.

Bold and Snazzy Earrings

Men can add a wild touch to their looks with the bold and groovy Skull Stud. Skull Stud is specially designed to showcase your bold side on the Halloween night. For those who want to try something unique, we have Cannabis Leaf Stud giving a message to men out there to relax and have fun in life. 

We have silver studs for men designed on Western icons. There is Anchors Away Ear Stud bestowing a strong message to sail through all the difficulties in life. This can also be great gift for someone having zeal for traveling. You can add Holy Cross Stud in your earrings collection. Holy Cross is a worldwide recognized symbol of Christianity. It can be casted with other studs as well.

We have a fancy Silver Stallion Stud for gents. It is a great choice for men looking to experiment with their looks. You can find another designer Double Dagger Hoop Earrings which is a unique combination of ethnicity and tradition. A man would look dapper wearing this elegant pair of Hoop Earrings. It will suit his overall fashion and style besides complementing his looks.

Domestic and International Delivery of Men’s Stud Earrings at FOURSEVEN.com

Fourseven is an e-store to buy Men’s earrings online in India. Apart from India we ship products worldwide also. Worldwide our delivery extends to different countries including United States of America(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Singapore, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Russia, Mexico, United Arab Emirates(UAE), etc. You can make the payment online with option of Cash On Delivery as well. We take great care in delivering your order and make sure that you receive the order in excellent condition. All the products are 100% genuine and are designed and handmade in India. Place the order now to try out these contemporary pieces of male silver earrings.