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Music Elevates the Soul

Celebrate your love for music and dance with these beautiful sterling silver charms

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Music Elevates the soul
Spirit Charms

Spirit Charms

Get in touch with your spiritual side with these Spirit Charms.

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Charm Jewellery Collection - FOURSEVEN

Charms jewelry is a perfect way to keep everything that you cherish close to you. From bracelets to anklets and even necklaces, you can mix and match the various charms offered by FOURSEVEN to create a charm bracelet or charm necklace as unique and stylish as you. Made from pure 92.5 sterling silver, every charm available in our vast charm jewelry store is exclusively hand-crafted in India with love. Charms are designed to reflect the things in life that make you happy with a pleasant smile. You can plan your own custom charm jewelry. Your charm bracelet or charm necklace should make you feel beautiful, elegant, happy and loved. The different types of jewelry charms available in FOURSEVEN's Charming Collection are:

Charm Bracelets

Decorate your bracelet with fancy charms. Celebrate your exclusive style with our uniquely designed sterling silver charm bracelets hand-crafted by the best artisans in India. Relive your special moments by linking your favorite charms to your bracelet. Tell your story to the world by customizing your bracelet with uniquely designed charms.

Charm Necklaces

Beautify your appearance with a charm necklace. Designer sterling silver charm necklaces are a great way to showcase your unique chic style. Keep it simple with a single piece of charm or load it up with different charms for a more eye-catching personality. Customize your necklace with your favorite jewelry charm pieces for an ultra-modern look.

Charm Anklets

Embellish your ankles with enchanting anklets. Our unique collection of charm anklets are designed with exquisite skill and creativity. You can wear them alone, with a single charm for an elegant look, or multiple charms for a funky and quirky style.

Indian Masala Charms

Express your love for the rich tradition and heritage of India with our exclusive collection of India inspired charms that celebrate the beauty and culture of India. Get a glimpse of India from these Indian charms. There is Indian Rupee Charm designed on the Indian Rupee symbol. There is a funky Been Charm reminding you of the snake charmer’s been and its tune.

Alphabet Charms

FOURSEVEN sterling silver Alphabet Charms make great pendants on a chain or add a special flair to your charm bracelet or charm necklace. You will find charms on each letter of English alphabet series. Create a chain or pendant with charms of your name initials or of your loved ones.

Symbol Charms

From religious and spiritual symbols to symbols of peace and love, our category of symbol charms is a great way to get in touch with your own spiritual side. With these charms, celebrate the positive vibes around you. We have Life is Beautiful Ribbon Charm giving a strong message to enjoy each and every moment of life.

Just For Fun Charms from FOURSEVEN

Just For Fun Charms cover a variety of areas including nature, hobbies, good luck, love, and adventure! Check back often as we are always adding new fun charms to our vast collection of charm jewelry.

Spirit Charms

These spirit charms combine the beauty and power of natural gemstones with the grace of sterling silver to bring good wishes for the wearer. The elemental properties of this combination will definitely have a positive impact in your life.

Music Charms

Cherish your love for music with these cute little musical pendant charms designed in the shape of various musical instruments like shehnai, sitar, saxophone. Gift these dazzling piece of charms to music lovers and music buffs.

Christmas Charms

Christmas is a season of fun and celebration bringing families and friends together. Enhance the fun and joy of the festival by choosing from our beautiful collection of Christmas themed charms. Express your love for your loved ones by exchanging these beautiful Christmas charms.

Sports Charms

Show off your love for your favourite sport by donning these sports themed charm pendants that are sure to inspire and motivate you. Our classic sports charms are designed on different sports objects including cricket bat, shuttle cock, football, etc.

Buy Charm Jewelry Online with Domestic and International Delivery at Fourseven

Browse through enormous collection of charm jewelry at the popular consumer brand Fourseven. Build up your charm collection by placing an order online anywhere in India. We deliver our products globally as well in countries like United States of America(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Canada, Australia, France, United Arab Emirates(UAE), Russia, Mexico, Singapore, Germany, etc. Get the chance to earn sterling points on every purchase you make at Fourseven.