Alluringly Delicate

Sterling silver anklets for that perfect mix of playful and elegant. Wear them alone or add a gorgeous fourseven charm to make a statement.


Charm Anklets

Anklets have formed an integral part of traditional jewelry worn by women in India for ages. Traditionally, these adornments for feet are designed with attachments of tiny bell hangings that create a musical effect when the women walk. We at fourseven add an innovative touch to the traditional anklets by giving you the freedom to replace the bells with charm pendants of your choice. This combination of conventional accessory with modern trend creates a charming effect to add grace to your overall personality.

We, at fourseven have established ourselves as a reliable brand in terms of offering aesthetically inspired silver jewelry online. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has ensured that we catalogue only those items on our website that offers great value for money in terms of durability and innovative designs. Every item being offered by us is handcrafted by some of the best artisans who have been trained in the art of making sterling silver jewelry by their parents and grandparents. Our products represent not only the ancient heritage of India but also reflect the style and trends that were prevalent during the eras long gone.

Whether you are looking for something traditional or something that is cool and funky, our collection of anklets is sure to impress you. We make sure that the anklets designed in silver bring great joy and satisfaction to you by decorating your ankles in a elegant and stylish manner. You can further enhance the fun factor by choosing from our vast collection of charm pendants to create a perfect match for your anklet. Alternately you can wear them just like that for a smart and sophisticated look. Irrespective of which style you choose, tour anklets are sure to help you move out in style and make heads turn your way.