Our Story

fourseven is a contemporary jewellery brand that converts traditional Indian crafts into distinctive and meaningful jewellery, making it more relevant for the modern maverick. We design and create jewellery for people who ‘Choose Happy’. Who wholeheartedly embrace the different sides of their personality and celebrate the little things that make them unique and special. With fourseven jewellery, we strive to create a timeless and emotional connection with our customers, to create pieces that are reminiscent of happy memories or special milestones of their lives. For us, jewellery is not just an accessory you find pretty- it always means something. If we can bring a smile to our customers’ face or create a unique accessory which becomes their special, favorite item that is loved and cherished over the years, we believe we’ve done our job well.

Every new collection we bring to market is a celebration of India, carefully thought out and as unique as the people wearing it. We believe in reviving our rich traditional crafts, finding an expression in jewellery for the modern generations. Our jewellery is about wearable storytelling. So some are earthy, some are spiritual, some are elegant and alluring and some are quirky and fun. Be it a someone looking for simple and classy pieces for office wear, someone choosing statement pieces for occasion wear or someone looking for thoughtful gifts- we deliver elegance that not only complements your wardrobe but also your personality.

At fourseven we strongly believe that environmental damage should not be a price we pay- why create something beautiful if it leaves behind something ugly? We recognize that green fashion is a necessity and that it is our responsibility to consciously strive towards reducing waste and incorporate eco-friendly practices throughout our production processes. We aspire to deliver excellence and delightful experiences, not just at the time of delivery but throughout our supply chain and thus work with NGOs to adopt up-cycled and recycled materials into our packaging processes, reducing our waste footprint.

Fourseven jewellery is inspired and rooted in tradition and is a narrative of the efforts and hardwork put in by our designers and artisans towards creating meaningful heirlooms. We’re completely handcrafted in India, even as we spread our wings across the globe, delivering innovative and interesting jewellery to customers all over the world.

Why fourseven

In 1947, India stood up and told the world we’re proud of ourselves- let us stand up and shine on our own. At fourseven, we believe that spirit, that confidence lives in everyone. When someone chooses fourseven jewellery, it’s a way to help them express and embrace their individuality and to let their self-confidence shine.

Words from the founder

“When I came to India, I just fell in love with the craftsmanship here. It’s based on centuries of heritage and tradition and culture and coupling this with western design concepts and bringing something unique to market is extremely rewarding for me.”