Silver Bracelets

Make a distinctive style statement with silver bracelets for men

Silver Bracelets

  • Rs. 5,950

    Empire Bracelet

  • Rs. 7,500

    Heavy Metal Statement Chain Bracelet

  • Rs. 7,500

    Classic Rope Channel Adjustable Bangle

  • Rs. 5,350

    Yogi Lotus Charm With Rainbow Moonstone Charm Bracelet

  • Rs. 6,750

    Pillar of Strength Adjustable Bangle

  • Rs. 7,950

    Roots and Wings Cuff Bangle

  • Men's Collection by Fourseven

  • Rs. 4,650

    Elemental Charm Bracelet with Large Damru Charm

  • Rs. 1,850

    Simple Elegance Marquise Charm Bracelet

  • Rs. 1,950

    Cuban Link Bold Bracelet

  • Rs. 2,150

    Elemental Charm Bracelet

  • Flora And Fauna Charms by fourseven

  • Rs. 2,500

    Simply Charming Bracelet-large

  • Rs. 1,950

    Figaro Link Bold Bracelet

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 2,500

    Versatile Anchor Bracelet

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 7,500

    Lasting Links Statement Chain Bracelet

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 2,600

    We Just Fit Couples' Cuff Bangles

Silver Bracelets for Men Choose from our collection of silver bracelets - available in a variety of designs ranging from statement bracelets and cuff bangles to elegant chain bracelets. Made in Pure 925 Sterling Silver. Handcrafted in India with love.