Kids Charms

Precious Charms for Your Precious Ones

Let your kids choose their favorite charms and wear them in their own unique way.


  • Rs. 1,450

    Boo! Charm

  • Rs. 950

    Believe In Magic Unicorn Charm

  • Rs. 1,350

    Cool Cat Charm

  • Rs. 650

    Tree of Life Charm

  • Rs. 850

    Om Charm in Silver

  • Rs. 1,400

    Football Charm

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  • Rs. 600

    Musical Note Charm

  • Rs. 850

    Tennis Racquet Charm

  • Rs. 900

    Footprints Charm

  • Rs. 950

    Angel Wing Charm

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  • Rs. 1,300

    Gotta Run Charm

  • Rs. 700

    Cricket Bat Charm

  • Rs. 750

    Musical Clef Charm

  • Rs. 1,250

    Make A Wish Dandelion Charm

  • Rs. 2,150

    Oh Christmas Tree! Charm

  • Rs. 1,600

    Sprinkles on Top Ice Cream Charm

  • Rs. 600

    One of a Kind Snowflake Charm

  • Rs. 1,650

    Melt My Heart Snowman Charm

  • Rs. 700

    Starry Starry Night Charm

  • Rs. 1,700

    You Got Game Charm

  • Rs. 600

    Message of Peace Charm

  • Rs. 1,650

    Paint the Town Charm

  • Rs. 1,650

    See No Evil Charm

  • Rs. 950

    Sunshine Charm

Cute Charms for Kids Online - FOURSEVEN

Kids charms with FOURSEVEN's alluring charms. Made with pure 92.5 sterling silver, we've got an array of charms in our basket! From sports, nature and hobbies to good luck and adventure -- you name your area of choice and we have it in our collection. We've taken special interest in creating fun charms for boys and girls. These can be worn alone as a pendant on your favourite chain or complement any charm bracelet or necklace.

Our collection of charms includes:


: Our letter charms are sterling silver charms for kids and teens. Be it adding different letter charms in a chain or a bracelet, to create the initials of your name or a word you identify yourself-- the possibilities of using them are limitless! These letter charms can be added to any bracelet for your choice to create a kids charm bracelet for girls.


: If sports run in your blood, then our collection of sports charms will win your hearts too. With FIFA World Cup just around the corner, our tiny 3-d rendition of a soccer ball made of sterling silver is the perfect gift for a Football fan. Our other charms include 'Gotta Run' charm for the runners, 'Tennis Racquet' charm, 'Dunk It! Basketball' charm, 'Ice Skate' charm, 'Chak De! Hockey' charm and 'Cricket Bat' charm.


'Go with the flow' - A statement we've all heard too often. How about carrying a charm that reminds you of being in sync with nature? Our nature children charms and charms for teens can add the required zing to any outfit. You can choose from 'Butterfly', 'Flavour of Summer Popsicle', 'Smile at the Rain Umbrella', 'Tree of Life', 'Musical Note' and many other charms.


To get lady luck's blessings, you can carry FOURSEVEN's good luck charms created in pure 92.5 sterling silver. From 'Protect My Heart Angel', 'Angel Wing' and 'See No Evil' to the classic 'Good Luck Horseshoe' and 'Om' charm -- these charms will look great stand-alone on a simple chain or as part of your silver charm bracelet or necklace


These charms are ideal for you to carry with a bracelet or a necklace. You can choose from 'Musical Clef', 'I'd Rather Be Reading Book', or sports charms like 'You Got Game' and other variety that suits your taste.


Kids always give a nod to trying new things. Why not give them a charm that keeps them in touch with their fun side? 'Boo!', 'Cool Cat', 'Paint the Town' and many other charms from our collection make you embrace your fun side.