Best Diwali 2021 Gift from Fourseven- Premium Pure Silver Coins for Every Occasion

Culturally exuberating and religiously auspicious, it's that time of the year again where everybody reminisces about their loved ones and togetherness. Autumn is once again brightened by one of the biggest festivals in India - Diwali. Beginning with Dhanteras, to mark the fortuitous day, it is believed that buying gold and silver articles on this day attracts prosperity. Sharing silver Diwali gifts like a Lakshmi silver coin and a Ganesh coin is a popular tradition. Fourseven brings an exclusive premium and pure silver coins collection to convey your heartfelt sentiments, prayers, wishes and gratitude for your loved ones.

Silver coins in Hindu culture

One of the oldest metals that has been used for coinage, silver holds both cultural and religious significance in the Hindu tradition. It is one of the most common practices to initiate a pooja by symbolically offering silver coins to the deities. When performing a havan, silver coins are offered to the priest as a gift. During festivals like Diwali, silver coins for gifts are the most preferred spiritual and traditional option – and one that stands for one's prayer to the Almighty for the wellbeing and prosperity of the receiver. Especially during Dhanteras, a day dedicated to Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi, people flock to buy silver and gold as it is considered auspicious.

Reasons to gift silver coins

Apart from being one of the best traditional gifts holding a spiritual value, buying premium pure silver coins have innumerable benefits.

  • Silver, a precious metal, is a dependable investment giving good returns in the long run.
  • Silver coins are made in 999 purity giving assurance of the quality of the metal content.
  • Silver coin prices are reasonable when compared to gold and are easy to purchase and sell.
  • Silver is a hard asset and often outperforms gold in the bull market.
  • Pure silver gift items are thoughtful and exquisite gifting options that can be readily customised and passed onto future generations as silver is durable.

Fourseven is your one-stop destination for pure silver gift items bringing meaningful and contemporary silver coin designs right to your doorstep.

7 best silver coins gifts for every occasion

No matter which part of the country you are in, here’s how you can make this Diwali special for your dear ones by gifting pure silver gift items from Fourseven's latest silver collection. We bring you high quality and premium silver coin designs that are a perfect Diwali gift.

Here's a list of the 7 best silver coins that you can buy online:

1. Ganesh Lakshmi शुभ लाभ Shubh Labh Pure 999 Silver Coin-10 Grams

A symbol of auspiciousness.

Impress your loved ones with this magnificently handcrafted token of silver coin gift adorned with special and heartfelt blessings. An enthusiastic wish for the recipient to be eternally blessed with prosperity, Fourseven brings you the blessings of Ganesh, the God of wisdom and Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth in the form of this ornately detailed silver coin. The back of the Ganesh Lakshmi silver coin showcases शुभ लाभ and is a perfect silver gift for occasions like Diwali, Dhanteras, new jobs, promotions and significant beginnings in life.

2. Radha Krishna शुभाशीष Shubhashish Pure 999 Silver Coin-10 Grams

A symbol of divine love.

Celebrate new relationships with our silver coins for weddings accentuating eternal love. A devoted wish for the recipient to be forever blessed with prosperity and purity, this perfect silver coin for wedding gift endows you with the blessings of exquisitely detailed Radha Krishna, the symbol of eternal love. The back of the coin portrays शुभाशीषmeaning auspicious blessings and is a perfect silver gift for occasions like Diwali, Dhanteras and significant beginnings in life. This is also an incredible special silver gift for weddings, anniversaries and engagements.

3. Sukh Samriddhi Dhan Pure 999 Silver Coin-10 Grams

A symbol of prosperity.

A refreshing and unique take on traditional silver coins online, the front of this silver coin depicts a beautiful portrayal of the sacred Tree of life, a symbol honouring family and our shared origins. This is one of the best silver Diwali gift options for families due to its significance. The back of the coin holds the choicest blessings: सुख - समृद्धि - धन meaning Happiness - Prosperity - Wealth. Embellished with a tassel and semi-precious beads of genuine Rose Quartz and Aquamarine, these stones embody love, serenity and peace. This silver coin is the choicest wish for the recipient to be perpetually blessed with prosperity, togetherness and wealth.

4. Wishes And Blessings Personalisable Pure 999 Silver Coin-10 Grams

A symbol of good luck.

Fourseven brings you one of the best-personalised silver coins online offering a unique opportunity to give silver gift items with a personalised experience. The back of the coin is designed for engravings where you can create your own personal message for your dear ones. The front of the coin highlights an intricately detailed collage of symbol of good luck and wellbeing and is a wish for the recipient to be forever blessed with good luck, blessings of happiness and wealth. This silver coin gift can be gifted on occasions like Diwali, Dhanteras, weddings, mundan, baby showers, new jobs, retirement, anniversaries or any significant milestone in life.

5. Ayushmaan Bhava Pure 999 Silver Coin-10 Grams

A symbol of longevity.

A stunning silver coin gift, crafted to cherish the glory of every newborn, this is a perfect blessing for the little angels. The front of the coin depicts a beautiful portrayal of newborn baby feet with आयुषमैण भव meaning Live Long on the backside. A beautiful replica of a cherished long life's journey, this is a wish to be forever blessed with a prosperous and long life. This silver coin is a great silver gift choice for baby's birthdays, new babies and occasions like mundans and baby showers.

6. Divine Lotus Health Wealth And Prosperity Pure 999 Silver Coin-10 Grams

A symbol of prosperity.

Go that extra mile and make the recipient feel special by choosing this beautiful silver coin gift for Diwali. The back of the coin holds a special message from the heart – Health, Wealth & Prosperity. This unique message makes your gift so meaningful that the recipient will cherish it forever. The front of the silver coin highlights an auspicious motif of Lotus, a symbol of purity, enlightenment and rebirth. An endless wish to be blessed with health, wealth and prosperity, this pure 999 silver coin is an excellent option for Diwali and Dhanteras gifting as well as for any important and meaningful occasion in life.

7. Shri Yantra Pure 999 Silver Coin-10 grams

A symbol of prosperity.

Show your appreciation for your family and friends with this coin portraying an intricately detailed geometric form of the yantra on the front of the coin. The back of the coin holds a श्री symbol meaning prosperity surrounded by a deeply intricate floral design. A forever wish for well-being and prosperity to be bestowed upon the recipient, this special silver gift is a perfect gift choice for occasions like mundans, new babies, baby showers, weddings, engagements and any significant events of life.


Fourseven brings you stamped and hallmarked pure 999 silver coins created through the elegance of keen design and tradition, further shaped through a trendy lens. With Fourseven, you can buy silver coins online confidently. Discover the charm of relationships with our meaningful gifts stored in a protective clear display box and packed in our premium Fourseven Aashirwaad gift box with velvet finish covered soft foam and satin ribbon for easy access and display. Your beautiful, meaningful and thoughtful gift will reach your loved ones with your wishes and blessings intact.

At Fourseven, we believe in the total customer experience offering customised packaging ideas for your custom made silver coins as per your requirements. Don't forget to reach out to us via email at for corporate gifting, bulk orders and wholesale options with custom designs. 

Celebrate this auspicious occasion of Diwali and Dhanteras with our Pure 999 Silver Coin Collection proudly imagined, designed and hand-crafted in India with love.