The Man’s Guide to Cufflinks

You have your crisp suit, matching tie and leather belt and shoes all ready and laid out – but still feel that you’re missing out on something. Instantly get that chic and polished look to your outfit –  throw in a nice pair of cufflinks and you’re all set to go.
Not many jewellery items for men are both so essentially functional and ornamental at the same time.
If you’re a man who pays attention to detail, cufflinks are a must have for your wardrobe. But before you buy the first piece of glittery cufflinks that you come across – know what to buy.




Start by understanding the different materials / types and styles to pick out the perfect cufflinks that match the occasion and your style. Though cufflinks are traditionally part of men’s formal and semi-formal evening wear, these versatile pieces of jewellery can fill several wardrobe roles. They are fashionable alternatives to buttons that are sewn onto shirt cuffs and just like buttons, they come in many styles, sizes, shapes and materials.
Collection of Cufflinks
How It Works


To get started, you need a long-sleeved shirt with the holes in the cuff. Though there are a lot of different designs and locking mechanisms for cufflinks – the basic mechanism is essentially the same. The large head or “insert member” has a decorative face and a post extends from its back. Additionally, a hinged toggle wings out from the post. Fasten a shirt by sliding through holes on either side of the cuff opening and holding the sides together by swinging the toggle into a locked position.


Cufflink Materials


Cufflinks can be made of almost anything – gold, silver and platinum are obvious favourites. Sterling Silver cufflinks are especially popular because they offer enduring quality without you having to shell out a bomb for any one piece. Handcrafted pieces offer that additional level of bespoke detail to elevate your style to the next level.
Kettle & Auto Rickshaw Cufflinks
When to Wear: Debunking the Cufflink Myth


Cufflinks are not inherently formal wear and can be worn for a casual evening outing. For a less formal look, pair your shirt or sports jacket with funkier cufflinks. fourseven’s Kettle and Cutting Chai Cufflinks, or the Autorickshaw Cufflinks are perfect examples.
Knights Cufflink
For business settings, a decorative cufflink (that is not too loud or colourful) would add that touch of refined sophistication without being a distraction. Interesting cufflinks can also be great conversation starters. You next handshake will be that much more confident, knowing the meaning behind the Atharva Cufflinks, The Vajra Cufflinks and Knight’s Move.