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Posts and Stud Earrings

The trend of wearing stud earrings is not new but in the recent years their popularity has grown significantly. Another major change that has occurred is the growing demand for such earrings designed from materials other than gold and silver. In this respect sterling silver has emerged as a preferred choice. We at fourseven offer a wide range of post stud jewelry to match your needs. In addition to the common button studs, we also have a decent collection of dangling post studs available on our website. Our objective is to offer you a fair choice of studs that are perfect for both casual wear as well as to be worn on a formal occasion.

Advantages Offered By Stud Earrings

There are several reasons that make stud earrings a popular choice amongst women of all ages. The most important of these are listed below.
  • 1. Stud earrings are generally quite lightweight which causes minimal soreness of the ear even when worn over long periods of time.
  • 2. They are easy to wear and manage and do not get damaged as easily as the other types of earrings such as hoops and danglers
  • 3. They are stylish without being too loud or too formal looking, which makes them a perfect everyday accessory
  • 4. It is easy to carry several pairs of stud earrings in a small box or pouch while the same cannot be said about other heavier earrings.
  • 5. Most stud earrings have a simple design and hence it is much easier to replace one stud in case of damage or loss.

Get Great Variety At Affordable Prices

We at fourseven have a decent collection of stylish and colorful studs that will enhance your look and appeal significantly. The brilliance of the colorful semi-precious gems is perfectly balanced by the subtle grace of sterling silver to create a stunning look.