Playful to Elegant.

Handcrafted sterling silver designer pendants for all occasions.


  • Rs. 5,200

    Shri Ganesha Shloka Pendant

  • Rs. 5,400

    Gayatri Mantra Pendant

  • Rs. 4,500

    Shri Krishna Pendant

  • Rs. 1,300

    Ganesha Pendant

  • Rs. 2,900

    Happy in Love Potion Pendant

  • Rs. 1,400

    Pheras Knot Pendant

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  • Rs. 3,600

    Hidden Embrace Pendant in Turquoise and White

  • Rs. 6,200

    Maha Sadashiva Murti Pendant

  • Rs. 750

    Ensemble Couples Pendant for Her

  • Rs. 5,000

    Spiritual Prayer Wheel Pendant

  • Gifts for Father's Day by Fourseven

  • Rs. 750

    Sweetheart Pendant

  • Rs. 3,600

    Hidden Embrace Pendant in Charcoal Grey and Soft Pink

  • Rs. 7,250

    Vivid Plume Pendant

  • Rs. 500

    My Little Star Pendant

  • Rs. 2,700

    Lotus Mandala Pendant

  • Rs. 1,700

    Dwishakti Pendant

  • Rs. 1,550

    Eternal Connection Pendant

  • Rs. 4,500

    Maa (माँ ) Harmony Ball Pendant

  • Rs. 800

    My Andhra Pradesh State Pendant

  • Rs. 1,950

    Hamsa Pendant

  • Rs. 2,500

    February Birthstone Pendant with Amethyst

  • Rs. 1,500

    June Birthstone Pendant with Pearl

  • Rs. 2,600

    November Birthstone Pendant with Citrine

  • Rs. 2,100

    Soothe Spirit Stone Pendant with Amethyst

Silver Pendants

One of the most cherished piece of jewelry for women is a pendant. It looks so beautiful on the neckline and it makes the wearer look charming and adorable. There are many pendant pieces one can team up with a silver necklace. These pendants add grace to the personality of the wearer and it reflects their style statement. A fashionable thing you must have in your jewelry collection is silver charm pendants for necklaces. These are beautiful and unique pendants and you can change them according to your mood and the outfit you are wearing. Having a collection of these stunning charm pendants means having a playful and fun piece of jewelry which adds grace to your personality.

At fourseven we have a wide range of beautiful and handpicked charm pendants made up in sterling silver. These pendants are not only pretty to look at but a great piece of jewelry item you will love to gift your friends and loved ones. If you are planning to gift your beloved a meaningful thing that makes them feel happy and special, you should totally buy a charm pendant from our collection.

Having a silver necklace in your jewelry collection is a common thing and if you want to add stylish allure to it, you should buy from our collection of silver charm pendants for necklaces. These pendants come in various designs which are classy as well as playful. Some of the designs are simple and you can wear them every day for office, college or even at home. The other designs are quite traditional and ethnic and you can wear these on some special events and festivals. If you want to celebrate your life and make yourself feel happy about who you are, you should get the pendants with charms and show off your style in a flashy way.